We’ve GOAT Great News!

Have you heard about our local goat business?! All profits will go directly to sustaining local incomes for ROWAN staff members.

(In case you missed it, catch up on the business details!)

Remember Christmas 2017? Many of you donated goats so that orphans and widows could benefit from goat byproducts on a subsistence level. Soon after, many families wanted to gift the firstborn of their goats BACK to ROWAN!

Then, in 2018, a good friend of ROWAN made a generous donation to kickstart it and cover initial expenses. From building a fence, veterinarian expenses, and hiring a Manager to building a home for him on the property, we are almost ready!

We’re ecstatic about this project as animal husbandry is a very resilient industry in this region. Stay tuned for pictures of newborn goats – also known as kids! Until those cute photos come in, keep scrolling for some visual aid 🙂

Smiling boy holding a goat

Christmas 2017

Boy walking through a herd of goats

Another photo from that unforgettable Christmas

A field

Land for the Goat Project

A brick house being built

Building a house for Robert (the Goat Manager)!

Man standing with his arms wide open

Here is Robert! He can’t wait to get started!
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