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The Coming Joy

It doesn’t matter if you are from the west and have never been to Africa. It doesn’t matter if you are from Africa and have never been to a western country. Our circumstances may be vastly different but our capacity to grieve and care for one another are human capacities.
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Day of the African Child 2011 Pt. 5

Obviously the big day is long gone for this year. However, we hope you will all agree that these photos are too cute not to keep to ourselves. As part of our flashback theme, lets go back to 2011 & see images of some of the happiest little faces (&
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Changing Bruno’s Story

Our summer team had the privilege of visiting many homes this last May and got to hug, hold and love on many different children and families.  Many families in Eastern Uganda have taken in other children because of loved ones who have passed away.  A home might contain grandparents who
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“We are God’s Servants” – Reflections from Chanel

Meet Chanel! She is finishing her final year at Harvard and had the opportunity to join the team visiting Mawanga this past May.  She had the chance to experience the wonderful widows and orphans involved in ROWAN.  She shared her thoughts from her visit and how God spoke to her
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The People of ROWAN: (the Other) Florence

Welcome to another flashback Friday, taking looking all the way back to 2011 (& another Florence). As usual we will continue to feature wayback portraits of the amazing people here at ROWAN. Each one of the people pictured is absolutely dear to our hearts & we think the photography of
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