Rowan and Urgent Needs

Rowan assists with urgent needsBridging the Gap

In development work, there will always be immediate needs to accompany the long-term projects implemented. Together we can fill the gap between today and their future.

As urgent needs arise, both Uganda & USA Board members vote together on how to best utilize these funds. In the end, the Uganda board knows best & leads the way.

How we’ve used funds in the past


Dug 9 wells across the community.

Bought a ultrasound machine for clinic.

Helped widow named Mary have emergency surgery.


Built and opened our own ROWAN clinic to serve urgent needs in the community.

Hired a midwife to serve community.

Covered a special surgery for a child named Zauma.


ROWAN gifted over 250 mattresses, mosquito nets and bed sheets at Christmas.

Built two homes.

More Stories of Help

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Christmas, News

A Glorious 1st Christmas at the New ROWAN Office

Hello friends, Jambo.
Please I request you not to get tired of my thanking you, there is no way I can avoid thanking you for your commitment towards ROWAN Ministry. Your words have become keys to people’s hearts. The economy is going down but people are ready to give

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Christmas, News

ROWAN Christmas Party 2009

Belated merry Christmas! Hope all went well on your side. I was so much involved in this Christmas party and am happy to give you details. The church was decorated so nicely for the party. We gave out:
The package for the Children to to take home each included

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Christmas, Main, News

Christmas Week with ROWAN

December 5-10,2010
Sports. Christmas cookies. Debate. Bible class. Christmas card making. Music. Drama. Annual Christmas celebration. Cake. Balloons. Gifts. This week was full of festive activities that the ROWAN community had

Awareness, Christmas, Main

A ROWAN Christmas Party – Donate Today!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner! Here at ROWAN in Mawanga, Uganda, our kids are so excited to celebrate Christmas. Each year ROWAN celebrates by gathering all of our orphans and widows in the center of the village and throwing a big party for them, with food and small

Christmas, Main, Project

Your goat has arrived in Mawanga!

IMG_3341 1
Greetings in the Lord from brothers and sisters across the ocean! I have the great privilege of sharing the stories

Christmas, Main, News, Project

What Christmas Looks Like in Mawanga

Christmas is a season centered around the person of Jesus Christ; how He came to earth as a baby and was the greatest gift to mankind. Many people around the world celebrate by giving gifts to each other and spending time together rejoicing that the Christ child was born in

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Brick by Brick—Giving Tuesday with a Twist (or TWO!)

The turkey is gone, the shopping madness has subsided (slightly?), and today, we slow down and zoom out to refocus on giving even when it hurts, empowering others when we’re out of energy, and generating hope when all we want is to take a nap.

Christmas, Main

Merry Christmas from ROWAN

Just a quick note to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas. We hope all of you had a blessed year & we look forward to another exciting year of sharing with you.

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