What We Do and Why



We cover everything for orphans from books & exams fees to scholarship & uniforms. We teach literacy to widows.

Health Care

We provide rural medical care, counseling, HIV meds, and serve mothers in our prenatal unit.

Nutrition & Clean Water

We provide food regularly to ROWAN members and their families as well as access to clean water at our wells.


We teach business & financial training for widows within our comprehensive 4-year curriculum.

Emergency Relief

We are prepared when disaster strikes, whether the need is for a new home, an urgent surgery or a new well. With COVID-19, we are providing supplies and training to protect our villages from the spread of the disease.

Spiritual Development

We create opportunities for orphans and widows to encounter the love of Jesus in every activity of our ministry..


Entrance Evaluation

We listen to your sponsee, learn what they need, & evaluate their situation. Our holistic approach encompasses programs & opportunities to enhance all physical, medical, nutritional, spiritual, social, & economic aspects of life.

Program Immersion

Your sponsee gains access to a 4-step experience as a ROWAN member with many supporting programs. As depicted below the emphasis for orphans is education. The emphasis for widows is entrepreneurship. The purpose of each track is to equip and empower widows & orphans to support themselves and their families.

Graduation & Integration

We celebrate your sponseeā€™s growth and hard work. We offer continued support as they transition their skills and apply their expertise in the real world.


Orphans follow a traditional educational tract from nursery to higher education.


Our 4 year curriculum takes widows from poverty to empowered entrepreneuship.


Orphans follow a traditional educational track from nursery to higher education.

Our 4-year curriculum for widows moves them from poverty to empowered entrepreneurship



Every widow a leader and every orphan a beloved Child, being transformed in the image of Christ to fulfill their divine purposes.


In partnership with the global body of Christ, we support and strengthen indigenous organizations and their leaders to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of widows and orphans.


Faith in Christ – Integrity – Accountability – Compassion – Partnership

What Makes ROWAN Unique

1. We serve not only orphans, but widows & other community members affected by HIV/ AIDS.

2. We offer widows an opportunity to become self-reliant through a 4 year comprehensive program.

3. We ensure every child gets the opportunity for a higher education or vocational degree in order to become self-reliant.

4. Our local leaders spent over 10 years building relationships with community members before creating a single program.

5. Pastor Paul Nyende was born & raised in the rural village where our main office is based. He & his local staff continue to lead, build & grow programs from the ground up.