Our Mission

In partnership with the global body of Christ, we support and strengthen indigenous organizations and their leaders to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of widows and orphans.

Don’t miss your chance to change the world.

It all starts with sponsoring one person:

Sponsoring is Easy and Impactful

Step 1: View those who need a sponsor.
Step 2 : Pick who you want to sponsor.
Step 3: Sign up & set up recurring payments.
Step 4: Message your sponsee through our online portal.

Become a sponsor so you can:

EXERCISE INTEGRITY: Your external actions align with your beliefs about making a difference.

EXPERIENCE BELONGING: Join world-changers who bring hope to the marginalized.

LEAVE A LEGACY: Help one person who will, in turn, impact countless others.

Sponsors help programs run for just $1.22 per day.

This small amount makes a huge difference because:

• ROWAN maintains very low operating costs

•The exchange rate means a dollar goes a lot further in Uganda than it does in the U.S.

For over 15 years, local leaders with skin in the game have designed our programs. We've seen how powerful & effective it is to combine indigenous-led programming with U.S. -based support & accountability, and we're committed to keeping it this way. Our dear friend and advisor, Sam Voorhies, explained ROWAN best:

Sam Voorhies

“I’ve watched ROWAN grow from a dream to a fully operational & professional international non-profit. ROWAN reflects the best of a local, culturally-appropriate approach, designed for social and economic sustainability.”

Dr. Sam Voorhies

Executive Director of the Center for Biblical Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University

Living in the “Both, And”

4 weeks ago one of our special mamas in ROWAN, Anne, passed away. She was a widow, mom, HIV+ community member, and hope-filled believer. She breathed her last at 39 years old as cancer took her life. 3 weeks ago one of our ROWAN staff, Jeremiah, died suddenly in a car accident. He operated our ultrasound […]

Thank you for loving Anne

Tears can express all forms of emotion. Tonight, the ROWAN team sheds tears as one of our dearest members suddenly passed away. Anne Naroti, 35 years old, died in an emergency surgery. We met Anne 7 years ago when she was struggling with HIV/AIDs and needed support. Her husband had died from AIDS and left […]

Am I Enough?

   Do you ever wake up with your first thought being, “I didn’t get enough sleep,” or “I don’t have enough time,” or “I don’t have enough ideas,” or “I don’t have enough money”? Yeah, me too. This month I’ve been reading Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly, and one of her main points is that […]

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