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Changing Bruno’s Story

Our summer team had the privilege of visiting many homes this last May and got to hug, hold and love on many different children and families.  Many families in Eastern Uganda have taken in other children because of loved ones who have passed away.  A home might contain grandparents who
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What are people saying about ROWAN?

If you’re anything like me, you occasionally or more than occasionally like to research things based on online reviews. I’ve made a lot of decisions based on said reviews: what books to read, what movies to watch, which restaurants to try and which vacuum to purchase! Practically every public figure and
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Tibita’s Successful Surgery

Last week one of our older students named Tibita needed a surgery to move his lipoma: a benign tumor over his left eye.
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ROWAN Clinic Expands

ROWAN is just finishing up painting our new lab building, and soon they are headed to pick up the supplies needed to stock the lab for the new year. Currently we have one clinical officer named Patrick that runs the lab, and soon we are training our current nurse named
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Flashback – ROWAN Health Center 2009

The health center is an important part of every ROWAN members life. From the teeth to the body, preventative care is essential. Donations are a lifeline to this rural clinic & the patients that they care for.

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