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Why did ROWAN start in Mawanga?

The word Mawanga means ‘a coming together of tribes & nations’. When Kelsey Young first ventured to Mawanga in 2002, she was changed forever. God impressed a vision on her heart to empower Africa’s orphans & widows. Since then she has teamed up with the village’s pastor, Paul Nyende, to see that vision carried out.

How many villages does ROWAN reach from their Mawanga office?

As of September 2016, ROWAN had members from 30 surrounding villages! Through word of mouth, women, children & people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) are knocking on our office door daily to register.

Is ROWAN a Christian-based organization?

Yes, ROWAN is faith-based, although we seek to reach the community at large. We also partner with community-based organizations that can assist with the needs of ROWAN.

What are some of the most pressing problems facing Mawanga & surrounding villages?

Lack of clean drinking water, basic education, medication for HIV + patients, Christian discipleship & leadership training.

How many widows, orphans & people living with HIV/AIDS are being helped?

Currently over 100 widows/widowers, over 100 orphans and over 150 PLWHA are part of ROWAN.

What about medical care? Has there been progress is this area?

In 2015 ROWAN hired two full time mobile nurses to specifically take care of our members. They track HIV medications, take house calls and make sure everyone receives proper treatment. ROWAN provides free health care for all ROWAN members by sending them to local clinics or hospitals nearby if the problem needs a doctor’s care.

How many ROWAN members are HIV Positive?

As of December 1, 2010, out of 300 ROWAN members, 50% are infected with HIV.

How does ROWAN care for orphans?

We create a safe & loving environment for them. Each child is given mentors & caregivers to teach them about the love of Christ & to help them discover their God-given gifts & talents. We offer a range of activities to assist in the character & spiritual development of each child, such as music/drama/dance, as well as various leadership, vocational, evangelism & Bible-training programs.

How many orphans are being sponsored by ROWAN?

Currently we have 120 children sponsored through our sponsorship program.

How does ROWAN care for widows?

We create a space for them to have a voice. The members have appointed their own chairperson & treasurer. They make their own decisions regarding micro enterprise projects in conjunction with the local leadership. ROWAN gives the women a platform to create community, start businesses & care for one another & their children. The largest obstacle is their level of education, so ROWAN provides weekly literacy programs & Bible studies for the community. Many have graduated from our latest business course, joined our Savings groups across the region and started their own business!

What percent of my donation actually reaches the widows & orphans who live in Mawanga?

85% goes directly to programs for widows & orphans. ROWAN is a community-based, volunteer-run organization, based on existing resources. Donate Today!

What can I do to get involved?

If you represent a school, church or organization who wishes to partner with ROWAN, or you would like to support ROWAN as an individual learn how you can get involved!