All is rainy, but all is BRIGHT!

It’s officially rainy season in the village, but smiles and homes are still brighter than ever!

A patch of farmland

Via our online messaging system, Auma Tereza recently shared this current snapshot of life in Uganda with her incredible sponsor, Victoria Scribner (translated by the wonderful Sam Kuloba).

“In Uganda we have two seasons: the Wet and The Dry, which is so exiting, l love that […] and right now we are in the Wet season, where [all the people] in the rural communities are busy in their gardens planting food crops like maize-corn, beans, sweet potatoes, soy beans, etc.”

But in Uganda, rain doesn’t mean it’s cold (average daily highs are around 85 degrees)… and rain clouds don’t mean darkness – at least not with solar power.

Several widows recently shared with Pastor Paul about the impact of solar power.

“The rats used to come in at night and […] now with the light, the rats have disappeared.”
“I don’t have anything to give to you, except to dance for you.”
“I used to pay 200 shillings every time I needed fuel for my lamp. Now I can use that money for food for my children.”

Other students and widows have messaged their sponsors about how much healthier they feel since they aren’t breathing harmful fumes from burning kerosene for light. Some have even capitalized on their new solar power charging ports as a small business opportunity by selling access to a charging station.

Our community is safer, brighter, and better for the light. Thank you.

A woman smiling under a lit light bulb

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