We talk a lot about beads here at ROWAN & have lately been showing some pictures of the process we use for making them. Now that we know more about how they are made, lets meet some of the people that make them. Each one of them has (sometimes a sad) story to tell. Today, meet Loy, she is from the village of Makwtu.

Woman smiling at the camera

Smiling big for the camera.

Flashback to Loy of 2011

Loy’s husband passed away years ago, leaving her to care for their 2 children alone. She is saving money to buy her own plot of land for her & her children to farm. Loy would love to travel to America, where she would still want to enjoy her favorite foods: posho, bananas & rice!

For over a decade, ROWAN (through your donations) has helped a lot of deserving people like Loy live a more fulfilled life. Enabling them to grow personally, spiritually & financially. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped to make all of the ROWAN projects possible!

Woman smiling at the camera

A little giggle.

Close up of woman making paper beads

Hard at work making beads.

Close up of pink beads

Loy’s beautiful beads.

Beaded necklace, white beads on blue ribbon

Loy’s handiwork.

Beaded necklace, white beads on blue ribbon

Loy’s handiwork.

Enjoy the Show

We will continue to share photographic stories of the amazing people of ROWAN, both past & present. Their strength & smiles should be an inspiration to us all. Please keep them in your prayers & if you want to help, we’d also love for you to get involved. Plus, be sure to check our more beading pics.

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