Pastor Paul – Founder

Pastor Paul Nyende founded ROWAN Uganda in 2004. As head pastor of the Church of God in the village of Mawanga, he also fills leadership roles at the public school, in the local work of Compassion International, at the Mawanga Clinic & with Church of God missionaries.

He was born in Mawanga in 1964 & has always felt a strong calling to minister his own people. Even after living in Kampala during his early years, he made his way back to pastor a rural church. People see him as a father to the fatherless, counselor to the lost, an encourager to the downtrodden & a mobilizer of the body of Christ. Though he has experienced persecution & hardship, he presses on with grace & humility. He is an excellent role model for the Mawanga community & a man after God’s own heart. Forever committed to his native village, he says, “Mawanga may not be on the map of the world, but it is on the map of Jesus Christ!”
Pastor Paul lives in Mawanga with his lovely wife Edith & their eight children. However, a visitor will find many other children living in his home.