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Give towards urgent needs!
Not too long ago, we had a flash fundraiser to raise money to help buy food for those suffering from famine in Uganda. Many rose to the occasion and gave generously, including Little Man Ice Cream and their scoop for scoop program. Due to unpredictable weather patterns, many crops were destroyed and there has been a shortage of food for many of our people.
Just this past weekend, ROWAN was able to take those funds that were raised and purchase food for those in need.

200 families were impacted by your giving spirit and they are overjoyed that they can now feed themselves and their children.

Provisions were distributed the beginning of this week by Pastor Paul and the ROWAN staff. The villagers gathered together to rejoice and give thanks that these crucial needs are being met. And anyone who knows ROWAN and what our core values are, knows that this was an opportunity to share the love of Jesus and bring hope to so many who are searching for answers.
Kelsey spoke to some of those families who were in attendance and they told her, “there is no word in the English language to express our thanks.” We couldn’t have done it without you and deeply value the partnership of our donors.



We also are taking steps to prevent tragedies such as these in the future. Robert, one of our recent graduates applied and was accepted into Farming God’s Way training in Kampala. He will learn all he can to come back and train our communities in strategic farming. Please pray as he will have to catch up on the portion of training that he has missed, and he will be attending these classes until December. Once again, we thank God for using YOU to help us sponsor him and pay for his training. We are excited to see the ripple effect that this will create in Mawanga and surrounding communities.

Yesterday we had a lady who came when she was sick and hungry almost dying. I had to give her a cup of porridge. — Pastor Paul

I was just speaking with Pastor Paul and rejoicing and giving thanks along with those in Mawanga who benefitted from receiving these supplies. I mentioned that I was so happy that ROWAN help bring food to those in need, but I knew there were many more who are hurting and hungry. Pastor Paul replied by saying that there were many still suffering and they were having an overnight prayer service at the church. This reminded me of the importance of bringing our needs before the throne of God and the power of prayer. So keep praying that God will deliver these precious people from this famine, and if you feel led to help — give towards our urgent needs.
Give towards urgent needs!

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