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Today we have a guest post from one of the members of our team that went to Mawanga in June. Here is what Christine has to say about how the trip impacted her life, and photo credits go to Hannah, another team member from Cornell University.
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“For two weeks in June myself and three students from Harvard and Cornell were given the privilege to visit Mawanga…and the ministry of ROWAN. There was so much God taught our team, some new things and some were much needed reminders!
Here are a few:

1) God is good — all the time. He is always worthy of our thanks and praise. If people living with HIV/AIDS, in poverty, orphaned and widowed can say that God is good, then so can I.
2) God is the sustainer through hope and provision. As human beings we can’t live without hope and we can’t live without provision; God gives both.
3) Hope, joy and love are not circumstantial but Spirit-given. I was also struck by the mission statement just outside ROWAN’s base, and how they are walking out that mission every single day, and our team was able to experience that in real life.

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ROWAN is fulfilling the vision and mission God gave them, they’re transforming lives every day, every week, every month and every year through the resources they have, through empowerment — and faith in God is multiplying.

Pastor Paul told our team that you cannot find Mawanga on the map of the world, it is too small, too remote and rural, but on the map of Jesus Christ it is there. It is there, and it is shining bright with the love of Jesus. I’m so thankful God brought our team to the gem of Mawanga and to ROWAN; the people we met will continue teaching me even after leaving Uganda.”
~Christine Shin
Ministry Fellow at Harvard
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