Cultivating a Culture of Savings

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Using training from Care International in Uganda, community members have started several successful savings and loans groups to promote self-reliance and encourage others to reach their goals and follow their dreams.

From these groups we have seen many small businesses born! Our founder, Pastor Paul calls these groups “the backbone to the ministry.”
Kirabo saving group, Matovu
Today I want to highlight one of those groups — the Kirabo savings group. This group conducts their business by meeting together every Tuesday. The total number of members is about 30, and all of those members are part of a special group in ROWAN. Each time they meet there is a range of 2,000-10,000 Uganda shillings saved and together this group has saved a total of 3,500,000 shillings (over $3,000 usd) since they started!
George, who is also a zone leader for ROWAN, has also gone through business training. Because of the money he was able to set aside through Kirabo savings group, he was in a better position to start his mobile money business and is now making a profit.
Madina Mutesi sells second hand clothing to bring in money to provide for her family. When she started in the savings group, she had about 30,000 shillings, but that has grown to over 400,000 shillings and she now has a successful business.
Contribute to Micro Enterprise Projects Here

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