Redemption from the Rubble

While in Mawanga my team, along with the ROWAN staff, made several home visits in order to assess needs. We assessed needs. We entered homes of those who are ostracized and ignored by their neighbors at times. We listened to many individuals tell their stories, share their dreams and relate their struggles.
Many were stories of hope that had the ability to elicit excitement and joy. But there were also some stories that were difficult to hear. Young children left without their parents due to the ravages of HIV/AIDS, elderly villagers living in houses that were in sad disrepair, a twelve year old boy who was bedridden due to complications from his illness, among others.
At first it was hard, and many tears were shed…but we were reminded that ALL of these stories began in much the same way. Before ROWAN, many were discouraged and without hope, struggling with what seemed like insurmountable challenges. But now, several years later, drastic changes for the better are evident. Widows have become leaders within their community and started growing crops to support themselves and their families. Children have received treatment to manage their HIV/AIDS and are able to attend school and obtain an education.

The reason ROWAN has been able to have such a positive impact on so many lives is because people caught a vision.

Without a willingness to act on the need that was noticed, none of this would have come about. But there were a faithful few who shared their vision, and as a result, others were stirred to action.
Before I went to Mawanga and met so many of these people affected by the ministry of ROWAN, I was involved and trying to make a difference. But once I went there and saw the great need, I realized how much more I could do. I can share these stories and advocate for those who are hurting and in need.

Not acting is no longer an option.

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