Life in the Village

Did you know…

  • The name of Pastor Paul’s cow is Hope and is sometimes referred to as the ‘hope’ of ROWAN?


  • Bathroom is synonymous with ‘joy hole’ at Pastor Paul’s home in Mawanga?


  • The most common mode of transportation is on a boda boda (motorcycle)?

2015-06-05 01.55.11

  • There is a plentiful supply of mangoes on the trees in Pastor Paul’s yard?


  • Guests are always welcome and Pastor Paul usually has someone staying with them?

  • Mama’s petrol business is booming?


  • My favorite greeting every day was the excited voices of children running along the road yelling and waving — “mzungu Jambo!”?

mzungu jambo

  • The welcome to Mawanga is overwhelming and humbling? — you haven’t lived until you have experienced it.


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