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Hope Wall Mawanga

Here is some exciting news for ROWAN and a glimpse of the upcoming business classes being offered through Business Development Initiatives Network and Empowering Lives International. Pastor David Wafula (Wafu) will be heading this up and has just recently returned from training in Nairobi, Kenya. The classes will be facilitated by a Kenyan instructor working with Wafu and it will train 50 ROWAN members in starting and maintaining a business. We are in the process of selecting these people who we believe will gain the most benefit from this extensive course.
Below is a quick snapshot of what these classes are seeking to accomplish. The training is scheduled to take place in Mawanga during the month of September and we are eager to see the results. Business for Life, formerly called Business Startup Training is responsible for teaching 112 courses in 11 countries that have trained 2500 people.

80% of these individuals are still running a profitable business at the end of the year follow up.

Topics included in the classes include, but are not limited to:

  • What is a business opportunity?
  • How to come up with good business ideas
  • Steps in starting a new business
  • Funding your business
  • Market Research
  • How to manage your business
  • Making a profit
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication skills


The project consists of a business training program targeting the poor and unemployed. It will be run by two of our qualified trainers who will carefully select 20 people from the community and conduct a 1 month business training course in the area where the participants actually live.
The one month intensive training will be followed by each participant being personally followed up at regular intervals at his/her business by a trainer over the course of the subsequent year. In addition to this each trainee will participate in a financial understanding exercise 3 months after the completion of the course to further assist with the application and adoption of the skills learned on the initial course into their businesses.
Each participant will do the necessary research, write their own business plan and start an income generating activity while on the course, thereby attaining and applying the necessary skills to run their own business as well as gaining confidence from an informed perspective in starting and running their own business.
At BST we believe that there is no real development without developing people themselves. Our focus is to overcome vulnerability and dependency of poor households by focusing on empowering people with the necessary business skills and confidence to break out of the cycle of poverty into economic freedom with sustainable solutions that truly enhance human dignity. Learners actually start their own businesses with their own limited capital.
(above information taken from proposal for BST)
Chairman: Mr. Peter Twycross
National Project Director: Mrs. Wendy Ludovici Twycross
Accountant: Mr. Isaiah Manwa Onduko
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