Eddy is one of our own, and proof of the success ROWAN has had in this community.

His story is incredible and inspiring. He started as an orphan with a bleak future, but he has achieved so much and come so far. He is the first student to attend university and recently graduated with his bachelor’s degree in law. Over the past several years he has studied hard to accomplish his dreams and reach this milestone.

        Today, he has a test and interview for his fifth year of law school in order to become a Ugandan lawyer. This is it; the culmination of the last several years of hard work and sacrifice. The process of becoming a lawyer is intense and only half of those who interview make the cut. The other half have to walk away.

We are believing that Eddy will soar and pass with ease!

He is a world changer and fights the injustices of this world with the specific skill set God has given to him. We know God is behind him and will empower him to attain his goal of becoming a lawyer. He is currently helping us fight for land rights for our widows –because that is his heart.

Pray for him today. Believe with us. Expect big things…and let us support Eddy from afar!

Help support university students!

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