Every Widow a Leader.

Last week I posted about the upcoming business classes that will change the course of our history. Today I want to share about some of the widows who might be involved. They are resilient and refuse to accept defeat, even amidst great opposition. Though many of them face challenges and stigma as a result of being HIV positive, they continue to pursue their goals and realize their dreams.

Since becoming part of ROWAN they have learned life skills that have empowered them to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

They have come together and created a culture of planning for the future by being involved in a savings group. They have acquired practical experience in growing various crops to feed those for whom they are responsible. They are in the process of working on personal projects they have dreamed up — such as creating a fish pond and raising fish to generate revenue for an income.
Many of these amazing women have been looked down on, mistreated and faced some major setbacks in the course of pursuing their dreams. One shared with us how her pigs were poisoned just as she was starting to bring in some extra money. The majority of them face other challenges, such as fighting to stay on their land and coming up with the funds to educate their children.

But all of them have dreams for the future and refuse to give up on them.

They are encouraged to be entrepreneurs and develop their ideas into business plans. They take great pride in their accomplishments and continue to plan ahead so they can provide for their dependents. They serve one another and have become respected leaders in their community.
I have never met more a more determined group of people in my life.

And there are more still waiting to be a part of ROWAN so they can change their story to one of hope.

You can be the difference. What may seem like a small monthly investment will bring unimaginable dividends in the long term scope.
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