One month and counting.


Sometimes God sends you across the world to learn the small lessons which change your life.

Our time in Uganda so far has been incredible. We are growing through those daily small lessons God gives us.
Since we have been here Ben has taken a course called “HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care and Management”. He took this course with two newly hired ROWAN nurses. The course taught the three of them about the current treatments and policies of the illness as well as some of the history of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. However, the most significant thing that the course made them aware of is that HIV/AIDS is more than just a physical illness; therefore it requires a holistic approach to conquer it. It is widely known that the lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS causes a great stigma around those that are infected by it. A team effort is essential to beating this illness.
We have witnessed a lot of suffering since we have been here. The every day reality here came as a shock to us. When you are here for just for two weeks you may not see the long-term issues. Instead of getting overly frustrated at the pain we have seen we try and think of ways we can help and have hope we can make a difference in that way. Our passion and calling for justice is reaffirmed every day in various ways. We are called to seek justice here, God is using us to take up the cause of the fatherless and to plead the case of the widow.  

The land project has been going really well so far. We have had several meetings with International Justice Mission. They have been incredibly helpful in training us on how best to approach the problem. Right now we are still working on sensitizing the community. This step is just as important as actually getting land titles. In these sensitization training we will be informing the community about their property and inheritance rights, the importance of formalizing their marriages, and the importance of wills, just to name a few. We are so excited to continue on with our projects here on the ground.
We are continually blessed by the numerous connections God has placed before us. The divine connections that have been placed before us that have allowed us to be successful are simply amazing. We know God has and will continue to go before us during our time here. When the burdens feel like they are too much we know that God is here to be our rock. We continue to pray each day for an open heart so we are able to completely see where God is leading us. He has provided above and beyond our needs and we are so thankful. We know God will provide for the rest of this trip. Ben and I are beyond excited to see the fruits of our work here and all His plans unfold.

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