Ben's Experience at Mildmay Uganda

Ben, Rachel and Christine after receiving their certificates!

Read about the time Ben spent at Mildmay Hospital in Kampala taking a course on comprehensive HIV/AIDS care and management!
“The new ROWAN nurses, Rachel and Christine, and I just completed a comprehensive course on HIV/AIDS at Mildmay hospital in Kampala. The course taught the three of us about the current treatments and policies of the illness as well as some of the history of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. However, the most significant thing that the course made us aware of is that HIV/AIDS is more than just a physical illness; therefore it requires a holistic approach to conquer it. It is widely known that the lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS causes a great stigma around those that are infected by it. A team effort is essential to beating this illness.
This course opened my eyes to the numerous dimensions of this illness. For instance, babies that are born to HIV positive mothers can remain HIV free as long as the right steps are taken during birth and breastfeeding. I also had the privilege to hear a doctor speak that has been living infected with HIV for the past 30 years. The doctor was living proof that someone can live a full and happy life while infected by HIV as long as they continue their ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) and never lose hope.
The process of eliminating the pandemic HIV/AIDS needs to start with educating people on how the infection is transferred and how it can be prevented. People that are infected also need to be informed on how the ARVs (Antiretroviral) can help improve the quality of life by stopping the progression of HIV/AIDS, but if not taken adherently can lead to drug resistance and worsening of their condition. To help in adherence and keeping hope these people need to be counseled, supported and encouraged. Lack of hope and can lead to worsening of their health condition. Overcoming the burden that is HIV/AIDS is no small task but through teamwork it can and will be done. After taking this course the nurses and I feel that we can be of more help to ROWAN and its members living with HIV/AIDS.”

“We have to make sure to always keep hopeful, because after all, hope doesn’t disappoint.


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