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We are beginning to see our work come to fruition- Lauren and Ben Kraus

The first month we have been here we were working endlessly to draft all the documents for the ROWAN Land Rights and Protection Program. Many meetings with International Justice Mission led to a vast amount of training materials and priceless knowledge on the issue. Last week we were able to take these completed project documents to local government in our district to discuss a plan that involves the whole community, because it affects the whole community. Very successful meetings with community development officers and with standing member of parliament honorary Naluwende Edith Grace Otenge displayed that this project will be even more fruitful then we ever could have imagined. They were so inspired by our work they have taken a stand to stand with us and support us on the project until complete success. Unity in the community will bring about the highest reduction of criminal property issues. Next week we have many more meetings scheduled including sensitization trainings with members of the community. From there we will begin our assessments of all the members of ROWAN.
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New Nurses sensitize the community

Last week the newly hired and trained nurses Rachel and Christine started their sensitization in the zones ROWAN has put in place. These zones were created for members of the program that are HIV positive so they have a group to meet with on a regular basis for counseling and other help. Ben went with the nurses and carried out many of these sensitizations. The members responded excitedly to the increase in health care and counseling they will be getting. It is so exciting to see all these programs starting before our eyes!
We also attended a very large agriculture show in Jinja to learn new farming practices for those participating in the farming project in the village. Little did we know there was going to be lions, leopards and camel rides. Let’s just call it an agriculture carnival.
God is moving mountains in our hearts, always preparing us for what will come next.
-Ben and Lauren

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” ¬†-Nelson Mandela

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