Making Cakes to Turn a Profit

One of the things I love about our leaders in ROWAN is their willingness to lead by example. They never ask our members to do something they are unwilling to model first.

And this is no exception. In Rural Uganda, often finding a way to create a steady income can be a struggle. But we continue to see fruit from the business module that was taught last year in Mawanga. Read about how Pastor Paul is making cakes for supplemental income.
Pastor Paul and Mama attended the business training last year and decided to start a side business of making cakes — similar to Mendazi. They started with a limited amount of money and a vision to build a guesthouse for married couples on their property. With only 20,000 Ug shillings they were able to start buying ingredients and begin making their cakes. The cakes are very similar to the East African version of a doughnut (see recipe here). Over time and with loyal customers they hope to build their business and make a profit to reach their goals.
“Well the way the oven works is start a very hot fire inside. That heats the bricks. Once the bricks are hot then the fire dies down start by roasting meat dish even a whole goat chicken, etc. Then perhaps after that something like spaghetti casserole and finally bread, cakes and rolls.” ~ Pastor Paul
The key to a successful business plan is to use something that they already have, rather than having to come up with extra capital. In this instance, it happens to be a functioning oven and the ability to make cakes. We are excited to see Pastor Paul and Mama Edith reach their goal and realize their dreams!
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