Why Mattresses Make a Difference

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Can you imagine having never slept on a mattress before?

For many that is a harsh reality…and it carries more consequences than you might consider. Although Uganda is a country with a fairly temperate climate year round, temperatures still drop in the evenings. During wet season the dirt floors in the huts turn to mud and sleeping on the ground puts people at risk for disease. There are also jiggers — a burrowing sand fly that lays eggs in exposed skin and can cause pain infection and lead to deformities.

This year, we asked our widows and orphans what they want for Christmas, and they humbly asked for a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, over 90% of our members have never slept on their own mattress! At the ROWAN 2016 Christmas party we will be surprising every single member with a sleep bundle; which includes a new mattress, a blanket and a mosquito net. Everyone deserves a safe, comfortable place to sleep. To make this gift possible, we need YOU more than ever!

{photo credit: Nathan Downey, Kait Downey}
So how do these sleep bundles help our families within ROWAN?

Mattress — A mattress provides a good night’s sleep which allows orphans to focus on their education and widows on their families.
Blanket — A blanket provides warmth and security to rest after a long day.
Mosquito Net — Mosquito nets provide safety from insects and truly save lives by reducing the cases of malaria.

Together we can gift these precious people with a safe place to dream.

{photo credit: Nathan Downey, Kait Downey}
These sleep bundles can literally change lives for the better. We can help decrease the risk of disease, enable students to learn better by gaining adequate rest, empower widows to have the energy to care for their families and show the love of Christ by providing these items for our ROWAN members.

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.
~Psalm 4:8

Give a sleep bundle today!

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