2016 Top Rated Non-Profit Organization

We can’t do what we do without our supporters and are truly thankful for each donor, volunteer and partner in this ministry.

God is so good to us! For another year we have been awarded as one of the top rated non-profit organizations on greatnonprofits.org Here is a sampling of the reviews we have received recently.

During my time living in Uganda I had the privilege of spending time with ROWAN. The leadership are faithful, authentic, and serve with integrity. I experienced a community marked by joy and hope. The leadership and staff of ROWAN are inspiring the whole community to pursue lives of wholeness.


ROWAN is a reputable organization empowering the local community towards transformation, and it’s happening! Local leader Pastor Paul is a man of integrity and humility – and after 15 years of serving in ROWAN the fruit has come! Highly recommend!


I have watched ROWAN grow from a dream and passion to a fully operational and professional international non-profit. They combine a rare combination of indigenous led on the ground programming with US based support and accountability. The program is driven and owned by local leaders with “skin in the game”. ROWAN reflects the best of a local culturally appropriate approach that is designed for social and economic sustainability.

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