Hope Doesn't Disappoint

gma with shukran

At ROWAN we believe that hope doesn’t disappoint.

In the villages we have seen our share of sorrow and pain. These people have families and face struggles and endure hardships. Recently we experienced the loss of one of our sweet mamas during childbirth.

Shukran, the premature infant that was born at only 4 pounds seemed to have no hope.

She needed specific nutrition, in addition to love and nurture. Grandma cared for her in the best way she knew how, but she needed more.
And we reached out — to YOU, dear readers. Our co-founder sent out a plea via social media and the cry did not go unheard. Several mamas stepped up to provide money for formula.

We have been able to empower grandma to care for this sweet child by meeting her physical needs.

Instead of giving her well water, grandma was able to feed little Shukran the formula she so desperately needed.

Now Shukran is doing great, and has the chance to grow up into a beautiful child.

All because individuals were open to serving and blessing this small one with a tangible gift. And once again, we see that Hope never disappoints.
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