Business Training Transforming Mawanga.

Exciting things are happening in Mawanga this month!

This week started the month long process of business training for local ROWAN members in Uganda.

Wafu, who is a trained educator, is passionate about teaching and is leading this business module. We have chosen 50 individuals to go through this program provided through Business for Life. There are two groups of 25 people: one class is in Luganda, while the other is in English.

The model of educating adopted by this organization is to train, launch, mentor and grow.

Each person who completes this training is followed for a year to ensure that their business is successful.
The following is an excerpt from the most recent newsletter put out by Business for Life:

Firstly, we see business as an effective tool for people to break out of the cycle of
poverty. While the causes for poverty may be complex and varied, the quickest and
most direct way for people to overcome poverty is to make their own money. At Busi-
ness For Life, people are given training and a “hand up” instead of a “handout”.
Secondly, it is not that business is an end in itself, but we repeatedly see lives
changed – a new quality of life is the evident fruit of individuals being empowered
through this effective training. Not only are business and life skills acquired, but depend-
ency is broken, dignity is enhanced and personal destiny is embraced in a holistic way.
In this way the Business For Life training is a practical expression of God’s love.
Thirdly, the methodology of Business for Life training is life related. We do not take
people out of their contexts, but always take the training to them. They learn and prac-
tice their skills where they live and are going to run their businesses. Our approach is not
merely presenting good business theory through lectures, but rather days spent in the
classroom are characterized by participants learning through interaction, participation,
discussion and discovery.

This program has an 80% success rate and could transform the future of so many and change the face of the village.

Please pray with us that this would go well and be beneficial to our people.

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