#Uganda Unite: Together We Can Accomplish More

About two weeks ago at this time, I was in the midst of our very first summit for #Uganda Unite.

Over seventeen different organizations were represented, ideas were shared, dreams were voiced, relationships were formed and we saw what we could do together to effect change in Uganda.

It was refreshing to be surrounded by so many individuals who shared the same passion — striving to make a difference in a place that is special to us all. We bonded over our common goals, talked about future projects and enlisted the help of each another.
As one attendee so aptly put it, sometimes the most important thing is showing up and saying yes. And so many did just that. They were faced with a need and they decided to act. Everyone came from different backgrounds, had varying levels of education, unique perspectives and limited resources. But they didn’t let that stop them from doing something. As a result, so many lives have been impacted.

More than 5,000 kids in school, hundreds cared for in orphanages, businesses that support the local economy, and hospitals to heal the sick are some of the tangible outcomes from these ventures.

So here is our question: if less than two dozen organizations in Colorado alone can make that kind of impact, what would happen if this continued to spread? And we are excited to see that answered in the months to come. Ordinary people in ordinary circumstances can do great things when they join forces and come together.

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