Unity is a verb.

This past week at #UgandaUnite I had the privilege of gathering with over thirty people who share the same passion for Uganda. We met and dreamed together about the future of this beautiful country. We exchanged stories, wisdom and resources. And we talked about our biggest strengths and revealed areas of weakness.

We must actively seek unity in order to make a larger impact in Uganda.

One of the attendees mentioned that their biggest struggle is helping Americans to understand why partnership is so important. We need a paradigm shift in our thinking so we realize as a whole that Africa isn’t what the media paints it to be. We need them as much as they need us. We can learn from their perspective and grow as a result.

When I was Uganda I saw so much love, joy and hope — so tangible that you could almost reach out and touch it.

Those people are so much richer than we give them credit for. Because they are rich in things that cannot be measured. There are Americans who will never know that; never have that, despite their status and success and situation in life. America is blessed with financial prosperity, but we are missing out on so much more.
So, what can we take from this? Start by remembering that we are all on the same plane.

Rather than reaching down to help someone up or stretching up to be pulled out of a circumstance, let us join hands and walk together.

We can encourage, empower and educate while gleaning information and wisdom from the individuals we partner with across the world. Together, we can create change and achieve our goals.

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