Dreaming Big is our thing.

Time to Dream

As an organization, we have many upcoming exciting events. Some of you may remember the Hall of Hope in Mawanga. The building process was started, but has yet to be finished. And we were recently blessed with the funds to be able to purchase land for expansion purposes. Since acquiring this additional acreage, our ROWAN leaders have been brainstorming and praying for guidance in what the next step might be.
hall of hope

Future Hall of Hope

And we have begun the journey of growing and expanding our outreach. Eventually the goal is to build a campus on the new ROWAN property including Hall of Hope, Library, Dining Hall, Counseling Center, and More! But this will take careful planning and resources.
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Pastor Paul and Pastor David (Wafu)

So, April 12th our Board and staff will come together for a strategy meeting answering the question:

What will ROWAN ministry look like in 5-10 years?

Pray for this time to be encouraging, sharpening and refocusing as we grow in the right direction. We will discuss our mission and vision and how that ties into the short and long term goals we have as an organization. We are so thrilled to have partners in this ministry and look forward to sharing what God has in store for Mawanga and the people of ROWAN.

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