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Many of you were involved in our recent efforts to gift all of our orphans and widows, plus staff with a goat this past Christmas. And while you know the goats are doing well from an update Kelsey shared, we cannot forget to share the impact these goats have had on the precious lives of our people. Our theme was “One Gift Bringing Endless Potential” and today I want to give you a glimpse into the lives of a handful of our women in ROWAN programs. Be encouraged, your gift is making a difference!


She (is) so happy for (ROWAN) having given her a goat, and thankful for the free medical treatment ROWAN gives to her. She named her goat Blessing (Mukisa).

Tapenesi Naiwumbwe

(She) is one of the Jajjas (older) women in a special group. At her age most elderly ones begin to think about preparing for their last days. However with Tapenesi, its not the story. She is very strong and active in all ROWAN programs (and) during her visit, this is what she had to say:
“I may look aged, but its not the case, ROWAN has rejuvenated my health and age with free medical treatment, care, love, counseling and all other trainings. The love for ROWAN makes me forget all the frustrations I had when my husband abandoned me (and) now I feel I have a family, called Amaka. God is so caring for me. Thank you so much for my goat, actually i call her Subbi (Hope), this is because Hope does not disappoint me. Thank you for the love.”

Awori Betty

She says: “I joined ROWAN with a lot of misery and hopelessness of not living a bright future at all, but thanks ROWAN and the sponsor for bringing hope in my life through giving me a goat that has brought a lot of joy in my life. (In addition she mentions the following items as she looks ahead to what is in store)
1. Future prospect
2. Dairy farm
3. A cow
“Thanks for such a great opportunity.”

Madina Mutesi

(She is) a treasuer in Gift Saving group, and has this to say:
“(I am) so happy with the Christmas gift of a goat. Nobody has ever extended this much love to me, I only received it from ROWAN. Thank you ROWAN.”
Donate Toward Goat Project

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