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KiKi Leigh McDaniel just spent a week in Mawanga, serving alongside Pastor Paul and learning from the ROWAN staff while ministering to the people there. Here is an excerpt of her experience and what she wanted to share with our readers.

“Abundant thanks to you, Pastor Paul, his family, and the entire ROWAN staff for giving me a life-changing experience last week.”


After serving with various ministries throughout Uganda over the past 4 months, ROWAN has been one of the best experiences I’ve had since being in country. The ministry is not just buildling projects, but they are building people who will change this country for the better. ROWAN gives aid where needed as well as practical skills for future development.
The business program harbors an environment of sustainable economic growth through small business. I am delighted to see these new entrepeneurs thrive as they turn their passions into business. Furthermore, the children’s Saturday program has been the most encouraging program I’ve seen so far. The children are given supplemental foundational education, creative time, and a Biblical foundation to live as children of the Most High. I truly believe education is the key to advancement in any culture and I’m grateful to witness this in practice.
The fruits of this ministry are so evident amongst the daily lives of the people of Mawanga. The JOY that comes from their beneficiaries is contagious and laughter fills their lives. I am so thankful for this opportunity to visit “the bush” and live amongst some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.
~KiKi Leigh McDaniel

Perhaps this testimony struck a chord in your heart and you want to be involved too! There is always room for more volunteers to partner with us in ministry. And the villagers want to welcome you to Mawanga, where everyone is family.
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