Confessions of a Sponsor: Meeting Asanansi

Hope Wall Mawanga

While in Mawanga, I was able to meet my sponsored child and spend the better part of the day with her. We made bracelets together, talked about our families and just sat next to each other during Saturday program. That girl has been through so much, but she has the biggest smile and a joyful heart despite her circumstances. She has five siblings and has lost both of her parents to HIV/AIDS.
Asa is such a good student and hard worker and very affectionate. I was able to visit her in her home and she greeted me with a warm hug, open arms and always that winning smile. She never left my side and welcomed me into her home as if I belonged there. I was overwhelmed by the love she showed and it was wonderful to see where she lived.
Probably the most eventful part of my visit was receiving a chicken as a gift. I am not fond of these birds, but this was an honor and so I accepted. (All the while praying it would remain calm on the ride home…) Memories were made and my small contributions pale in comparison with the great need that is present.
I always wanted to make a difference through sponsoring, but it is hard to know the effect that once a month donation can really make.

While there, I could see how ROWAN uses those funds to make a tangible impact in these precious lives.

Things like providing school supplies and giving opportunities for kids to learn, among other things.
Being able to go there and meet Asa is probably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever had the opportunity to do. I know where she lives now, the struggles she faces and was able to experience her joyful spirit by spending time with her. Part of what I am doing through this internship is to connect other sponsors with their sponsored widow or child.

Because I believe that when individuals are faced with a need, they tend to act on that.

But if we don’t know, we find it difficult to know how to respond. There is so much need, and so many more that are waiting for sponsors. Won’t you join the cause and help make a difference in this community?
Sponsor today!

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