Did you hear what we are doing?

On August 27th we will are bringing 20+ organizations working in Uganda under one roof. At #UgandaUnite Summit, the possibilities are endless. Partnerships are inevitable. Our efforts as individual parts will be multiplied when we come together as a whole.

Watch out world, this could be something remarkable.

From sharing experiences of the darkest moments to the brightest victories, everyone will be able to relate. Some people are just forming their vision, and others like ROWAN have been building a foundation for over 10 years. Together we will join hands, share knowledge, ask questions, and walk away with a network of support and new-found neighbors. We can hardly wait!
We are starting this movement in Colorado, but believe it will grow over time into something much larger. Follow the event on Facebook and Instagram with #UgandaUnite. A special thanks to Unbridled Acts for hosting and catering this groundbreaking opportunity.

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