Flashback – Pineapple Harvest Pt 2

The ROWAN pineapple project began in 2007 & two years later they were rewarded for their work with a bountiful crop. If you haven’t already seen our first post of pineapple pictures be sure to go check it out.
Women & children sitting on the grass, waving at the camera

Mary Kiwala & others enjoying a rest in the shade.

Labor of Love

The widows & caretakers alike were dedicated to the work, but had to practice a great deal of patience with this slow-growing crop! Luckily the harvest was a complete success, raising spirits & a small income for their efforts.

More great pictures from this bountiful harvest. Joy on every face, hard work & pineapples in every hand!

Woman cutting a pineapple

Tasting the fruits of their labors.

Man & woman smiling, man holding pineapple

Pastor Paul & Kelsey rejoicing over the crop.

Man smiling for the camera with pineapples next to his face

Pastor Paul & Kelsey having a little fun.

Group of people in front of harvested pineapples

Pastor Paul surveys the harvest with satisfaction.

Man with wheelbarrow full of pineapples

Caretaker John shows off a wheelbarrow full of golden pineapples.

Woman with kids standing in the pineapple garden

Kelsey & the kids survey the crop.

People standing amid piles of pineapples

Omalla Tape & others checking the pineapples.

Two women smiling, one with a bicycle

Smiles at the end of a long, productive day.

A Beautiful Bounty

The 2009 harvest was a joyful time for all involved. Bringing people together to celebrate fruit of the earth & a small income. Be sure to check out more pics of the harvest & stay tuned for upcoming amazing pictures!

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