Flashback – 2009 Pineapple Harvest

In 2007 ROWAN members began their pineapple project (who knew pineapples took 2 years to grow?). Their labor of love paid off in August of 2009, when they were rewarded for their patience with a beautiful crop.
Woman smiling with pineapples in her arms

Atiano Florence smiling with an armful of pineapple.

Dedicated Labor

Every other day widows & caretakers would trek to the garden to maintain the plants & monitor progress. Trusty volunteers John & Christopher would take attendance, while joking with those who came late. Talk about accountability!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the harvest, smiling faces & big, beautiful pineapples everywhere!

Man smiling with pineapples in his hands

Christopher the caretaker happy that his hard work has paid off.

Man & woman harvesting pineapple

Christopher & Omalla Tape harvesting with smiles.

Woman holding a pineapple up

Mary Kiwala sharing in the harvest work.

Man walking with pineapples in his hands

Pastor Paul dressed up for the occasion, but still shared in the work.

Man smiling with pineapples in his hands

The pastor looks quite satisfied with the harvest.

Woman smiling holding pineapples

Atiano Florence can’t seem to keep the smile off of her face.

Woman smiling holding a pineapple

Volunteers helped on the big day.

Kids smiling, one holding a pineapple up

Even the kids got involved with the fun!

Two men, one with wheelbarrow full of pineapples

Christopher & John proudly show off the fruits of their labor.

People standing in a field, one with a pineapple

The joy in harvest day had little to do with pineapples, but had everything to do with building community & hope.

Harvested With Love

The big harvest in August of 2009 was an exciting moment for everyone involved. Bringing everyone together for a successful bounty, plus additional income for immediate needs. Be sure to check out more pics of the harvest, plus lots more to come!

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