Flashback – ROWAN Health Center 2009

The health center is an important part of every ROWAN members life. From the teeth to the body, preventative care is essential. Donations are a lifeline to this rural clinic & the patients that they care for.
Profile of man sitting in dentist chair

Elijah in his own dentist chair.

Working for a Healthier Everyone

The doctors & dentists here offer important services to the women & children of ROWAN, they are forever in our prayers. It’s important to let these amazing people & the donations provided for them to do their work shine as much as possible. They are an essential part of life for many people.

Some pictures of the health center & the people who make it tick.

Dentist working on a patient

Elijah working on a patient.

Dentist equipment

Sparkling clean dental equipment at the health center.

Dentist working on a patient

Elijah explaining his process.

Dentist showing drawers full of equipment

Elijah showing off his dental equipment.

Dentist at his desk with woman filming him

Elijah at his desk in the health clinic.

Man standing next to hospital beds

Hospital beds in the health center.

Close up of medical equipment

Donated medical equipment in the health center.

A Big Thanks

Thanks to the donations of our patrons, we are able to keep ROWAN women & children as healthy as possible, from the top down! If you’d like to donate to the cause, we’d love to have you as part of the family!

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