You raised $9,000 in 3 days!


Family IS more than blood.

Two years ago I took Pastor Paul’s hand and danced around this dream land. Then only a few weeks ago the March Team was dancing around this same 5.5 acres! The land is fertile for crops, flat for building community centers, and a place I felt God’s presence. We prayed over it, declared that in one month’s time this land would be ours. I knew God could do it, but little did I know He’d give us three days to do it!
We got home from the trip, exhausted from all the good memories and BOOM. I got an email from Pastor Paul. It said, “Kelsey, the landlord is demanding the $8,800 for the land by March 31st. What should we do?”

This was the beginning of my faith being tested.

I threw my phone across the room. My first thought was to give up. $9,000 in a few days? That is too much for me. And that was exactly the point. God wanted me to HAVE to depend fully on Him. And He invited me to share this need with others. Now let me be honest, I don’t like asking for money like that. I’d rather poke my eye out. But when I’m asking for funds for the land that will leave a lasting legacy for ROWAN, God gave me total strength and excitement!
So I sent it out into the Facebook and Instagram world. “$8,800 in three days needed for land!”
And I waited. Quickly I saw some funds coming in from friends, family and new-found friends! The number started to drop. $7,500….$6,800….$5,700. I could not believe my eyes. By March 31st we only had $2,750 left! I reviewed all the numbers because that just couldn’t be right. But it was.
Yesterday 20 people stepped up to get us down to zero. And by 6:00 pm, we had reached $8,900! Even more than we needed!

I love when God shows off.

I want to thank each and every one of you not only for giving, but increasing my faith. You believe in this ministry, you believe in me. You believe in the God we serve, and together we CAN do the impossible.
Wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing, just drop everything and do the happy dance with me! God saw us dancing with hope years ago..and sees us dancing together today!

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  1. praise the Lord. He blesses us “exceedingly abuntantly beyond all that we ask or think” Eph 3:20

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