Reflections on #MarchTeam from Co-Founder

From the HOPE Mural, to the soccer games, to the home visits, to the praise dancing, to the house building, to the rich conversations under the stars- this trip was laced with memories of a lifetime. God blessed us with an amazing team of creatives, entrepreneurs and justice seekers which made for a colorful group of world-changers.
As the one who started ROWAN with Pastor Paul under a tree 13 years ago…I was in constant amazement at what God has done. It is a rare gift that I am able to look back that long ago and see Hope grow out of pure faith. Pastor Paul has the faith that can literally move mountains. And it has. Faith has moved the mountains of suffering…depression…sickness…and despair. In the past Mawanga was a village known to be full of drunkards and illiterate farmers, but today people come from across the globe because something revolutionary is happening. Families are now empowered. Children are now educated. Village life is now full of tangible hope…because of faith. God’s word never returns void. And His word now lives in Jane, in James, in Matilda… in them all.
God was gracious enough to connect us with BC Serna, a talented videographer who will soon complete our ROWAN video! In the meantime, stories will begin flooding our website and a ministry that started with tears of sorrow is now moving with tears of joy.
When I asked Pastor Paul what brings him joy as this ministry grows he said,

Kelsey, ROWAN has earned the right to be heard.

Our ROWAN voice is getting louder and the district, region and nation are now supporting our vision. We are believing for the First Lady of Uganda to visit ROWAN this summer. Believe with us as we have faith that she will come and not only see….but join us.
Kelsey Hargadine

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