World AIDS Day Festivities

“This is proof that the spirit of God through ROWAN has given people hope to live again, as we are looking towards the positive ending of the lives of all our family members. Restoring the living HOPE to the HOPELESS”

-Pastor Paul, Founder
ROWAN Celebration

ROWAN Celebration

December 1st was a day of celebration for the people of Mawanga and surrounding communities. So many individuals and families who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS gathered to commemorate World AIDS Day 2015 and rejoice together because they have hope and a bright future. The district community development officer, Mr Steven Magero, was in attendance as a guest of honor. For the past few years the ongoing theme for World AIDS Day has been getting to zero.

Zero discrimination
Zero stigmatization
Zero infection
Zero death

Five different zones (Bwalula, Matovu, Naitandu, Bunalwenyi & Mawanga) from rural Eastern Uganda were represented as a part of the ministry of ROWAN. Throughout the day there were various activities in which the zones competed against one another to see who would emerge victorious. Each zone came together to sing, dance, craft, perform and praise Jesus for this milestone in their lives. Among the activities, these villagers sang What a Friend We Have In Jesus in their native dialect — a reminder that God loves and looks after His own always.
There were traditional folk songs and dances, poems, crafts and native drummers present to exuberantly celebrate life and all its blessings. Despite scorching heat, there was a plentiful supply of laughter, joy, and hope. Mawanga is a community where every individual is welcome and loved, no matter where you are from or what your circumstances may be, and that is so evident.

ROWAN extends their deepest thanks to our supporters here in the US and around the world. We are so grateful that you have chosen to be a part of this ministry, and in doing so — making a difference in the lives of many.

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