Using Badminton to Empower Orphan Education

ROWAN is able to operate because of the many partnerships God has allowed us to make with various organizations around the world.

We are blessed to have so many valued partners and sponsors who help keep ROWAN alive.

One of those organizations is SOLIBAD. Combining solidarity and badminton and proclaiming the slogan of “Badminton Without Borders”, these professional badminton players invest in communities around the world. They are based out of Paris, France and strive to make a difference in their world by finding worthy causes to support as they travel and compete.
One of the main ways SOLIBAD partners with ROWAN is to support our secondary student scholarships. This allows our young adults to pursue their dreams and train for a future career. We are excited to have students graduating with degrees in law, plumbing, teaching and more!

Thank you SOLIBAD, for combining Badminton with Solidarity to empower our orphan education!

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