What would you do?

When you receive the phone call in the middle of the night that one of your ROWAN caregivers Tapenesi (and dear friend for 10 years) is unconscious in the village, what would you do? She isn’t moving. She has been sick for a few months but we didn’t know why. The local leaders were even speechless. They said, “Kelsey, she will pass very soon.” My heart broke. I felt helpless from here.
But there was no question. We had to do whatever it took to get her to a hospital. What would Jesus do? He’d heal her of course- He’d do whatever it took- and so would we. We had an ambulance pick her up in the village, and the community stood in silence. They had never seen one before. Usually when someone is that sick, they simply pass away in the dark. But not Tap. As they drove her to Kampala (4 hours away), Pastor Paul told me later, “Kelsey, I thought we lost her on the drive. She wasn’t moving.”

But hope doesn’t disappoint us.

Tap went to the hospital, unable to open her eyes, eat, talk or move. After 1 month of testing and treatment, she is now sitting up, laughing, eating real food and wanting to go home! We found out she has a horrible brain infection, but by God’s grace she is healing! God is so good. She will be a testimony of how far God’s love can reach.
Her total bill was over $6,000. Of course, we said “yes” to doing whatever it took to help Tap, as we would for any of our women and children. If you’d like to contribute to Tap’s medical bills so we can have future urgent needs funding for others, donate here.
Please continue to pray for Tap as she finishes her time at the hospital and continues healing.
Donate to Tap’s medical needs.

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