10 ROWAN students transformed at camp!

Leadership Camp 2014

Recently ten of ROWAN’s kids were chosen to attend the Scripture Union Conference at a high school in Kampala. The Scripture Union Conference is a Christian leadership camp that works with kids every year to learn more about the word of God and dig deeper into its teachings and its meaning in their life.  What they came home with was amazing, a refreshed heart on fire for the lord. These kids are now inspired to help others through their spiritual journeys. One student said, “I am going to transform our family, friends, community and the country at large.” One main teaching of this camp was about bearing the fruits of God. Based from Colossians 1:10 they learned that the fruits of God come from love, faith and trust. The kids also discovered how to better connect with Jesus Christ through prayer and helping others.

Empowering the the future leaders in our communities is so important and is demonstrated here!

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