What is ROWAN's secret weapon?

Pastor Paul has a secret weapon. And that secret weapon has many names.
Some call her Mama. Others call her Edisa. English speakers call her Edith.
Pastor Paul has a library of names.
First off, she is his sweat heart. When he speaks about her, this smile can not be hidden from his face.
Second, she is the Minister of Home Affairs. Anytime things are going on at home, he must check in with the minister.
But our all time favorite, his most endearing name above all names….

The only bean in his soup.

After 30+ years of marriage, mama is the glue that holds this ministry together. Pastor Paul’s name is spoken of frequently, but mama’s name is written in the hearts of every person who visits Mawanga. When you are in her presence, you feel peace. You feel strength. You feel the spirit of God at work. Her touch is like a mother’s touch, whether you’re 13 or 70- you feel take care of.
Besides having the gift of hospitality, she is the women local leader in the district. Anyone with relational problems in the home run to her. She counsels. She instructs, she exemplifies a godly marriage. And she never stepped foot in the classroom.
And this woman with countless names is the one that blesses you with a Ugandan name when you visit her home. She prays, seeks God on direction, and every name that has come from her mouth is the highest form of a gift you will ever receive.
As they say in Uganda “If men are the head, women are the neck.” In this case, mama is the rudder for this organization, and Pastor will be the first to mention that.
Thank God for this powerhouse couple paving the way.

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