New ROWAN Sponsorship Program

Empowering orphans & widows with HIV/AIDS toward self-reliance

ROWAN is proud to announce our new sponsorship program for orphans and widows infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. ROWAN is built upon a family model- each contributing various roles to accomplish one main goal: empowerment.
When you join our family (family means amaka in Uganda), you choose a widow or orphan where you can build a relationship across the seas through letters and photographs. For $38 a month, you will empower your sponsored child or widow with medical needs, literacy and education expenses, micro enterprise start ups, and lead them on the path toward self-reliance.

Where will my money go?

For $38 a month you are not only helping your specific family member, you are helping the entire community. Your monthly donation is combined with the gifts of other sponsors to provide a quality education, basic healthcare, business start-up training and feeding program for hundreds of community members. You can trust that your donation impacts the daily life of the impoverished communities we serve and provides hope for it’s children and widows.

How can I communicate to my sponsored widow or orphan?

You will be able to write letters and send photographs of your family at least 2x a year! Details are emailed to you once you sign up for sponsorship.

How long do I sponsor a widow or orphan?

Depending on where the student or widow is in the program, our goal is to see them become self-reliant. For students, that means helping them find their calling and equipping them with training to get a job and take care of themselves. For widows, we help them start or sustain their business, teach them how to save and take care of their own families! If you can only sponsor for a limited amount of time, it is our job to make sure that they receive another sponsor to support them to the end. Any amount time you can sponsor is worth it!

Can I meet my Sponsored widow or orphan?

ROWAN is working on creating teams of sponsors to visit their sponsee in the future. It is on our heart for you to meet your ROWAN family member. Do let us know if you are seriously interested in visiting and we will begin working on teams for 2015!
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