What does ROWAN & Badminton have in common?

Dreams. Big Dreams.

The Founder of SOLIBAD recently visited Mawanga village to see all that we are doing on the ground. SOLIBAD combines solidarity and badminton towards causes like ours. Here is what Raphael had to say upon his return:
“We have recently helped ROWAN though our own charity organization called SOLIBAD through a common partnership, and I must admit that I was simply amazed by the way ROWAN was run both from the USA by Kelsey and Pastor Paul and his staff on site, in Mawanga. They know where they are heading and they are going with a great smile in spite of all the difficulties. Their hearts are as big as their goal even if they have little means to achieve it. They try hard and it makes all the difference.
Most charity organizations tend to help local people financially. At ROWAN, they go far beyond that, as they help them spiritually, with joy, and also, they help them help themselves. As an old African saying goes, it is better to teach the fishermen how to catch a fish than to give him a fish. This is what ROWAN does.
It’s been a real delight to discover this amazing network of people, who are really doing a fantastic job on the field.”
To find out more about how to partner with ROWAN, Visit the Partner Page.

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