"We Couldn't Stop Holding Hands"

The story of how a simple sponsorship blossomed into a friendship

Corissa Morrison is a nurse from Southern California and has been a dear friend to ROWAN for many years. Recently, she went to the village for two weeks to assist our newly opened Hope Clinic! While there, she had the opportunity to spend time with her sponsored child, Maliza, and her family.
Here are Corissa’s reflections on the day she met Maliza:

“It was such a joyous, long-awaited day—[I was finally] able to meet Maliza after two years of writing to each other! It was a beautiful and overwhelming moment [as I visited] with her and her family in their home. We sat down, chatted, got to know each other a little more, laughed, talked about nursing, and cried together.”

Corissa also spoke with ROWAN about the Lord’s sovereignty and a passion she shares with Maliza:

“We couldn’t stop holding hands. It’s amazing how the Lord works so perfectly and placed us together because she wants to be a nurse one day. She is at the top of her class—she is motivated and dedicated to succeed in order to come back and help the people in her village. I feel so proud to know her and to watch her grow as she follows her dreams. It was one of my favorite days—truly a day in the books I will always remember!”

The sole purpose of sponsorship is not just to send $38 across the world. It’s about so much more than a financial transaction—it is about creating real relationships between some of the world’s most marginalized, vulnerable people and those who have the heart and resources to help them.
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