2010 World AIDS Day 2

A few days ago we shared a flashback post about a somber but important celebration, World AIDS day. This is a day dedicated to building awareness about this devastating plague & showing support for the millions around the world who endure it’s clutches. Although it’s of serious importance, it is also a day to celebrate. This year community members were encouraged to go for free testing sponsored by the local community & over 300 were tested!

Child holding a handwritten sign

Showing support & raising awareness.

Flashback to 2010

These flashback posts provide us an easy way to share the progression of life at ROWAN, including new (& old) projects that we love. After over a decade, ROWAN (through your donations) has helped a lot of deserving people live a better, more fulfilled life. Enabling them to grow personally, spiritually & financially. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped to make all of the ROWAN projects possible!

Group of young people dancing & singing

Celebrating through dance & music.

Man & woman making a speech

ROWAN co-founders Pastor Paul & Kelsey say a few words.

Group of women dressed alike & dancing

Beautiful dresses, beautiful dances.

People standing in a line at a desk

Getting tested is important preventative care.

Two women walking through a dirt floored room

Getting so many tested is a lot of work!

People sitting in chairs

Waiting to be tested.

Children standing in a group

Unfortunately, in Uganda, even the children need to be tested.

Children standing in a group

Waiting patiently for their test.

Enjoy the Show

We will continue to share photographic stories of the amazing people of ROWAN, both past & present. Their strength & smiles should be an inspiration to us all. Please keep them in your prayers & if you want to help, we’d also love for you to get involved. Plus, be sure to check out more pics from World AIDS day 2010.

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