The Way to Grow is Subtraction, Not Addition.

Lent is traditionally a 40 day season where the Catholic Church fasts in a season of repentance before Easter. I always respected this discipline, and this year I am excited to participate as a believer, a leader, a wife, and mere child of God.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my mind feels like a pin ball machine going from one thought to the next, struggling to land in one mental place for more than 30 seconds. In recent past multi-tasking was an honorable skill to put on a resume. Today, it is the exact thing that keeps me from being productive, intentional, and ultimately successful with the limited time I have to work as a mom of an adventurous toddler.  

Research shows that with all the posts, comments, articles and emails, we read an average of a 200 page book EACH day. We have never had to process so much information. So for me, I want to increase my discipline in order to serve ROWAN most effectively. I don’t want to succumb to the hustle of mindless information and more importantly, I want to hear God’s voice about what exactly He wants me to do.

So for Lent, I am giving up the biggest time wasters and focusing my attention on what matters: hearing from the Lord, my family/friends and ministry. 

Come on, join me. What are you going to subtract in order to add value and joy to your life? 

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