Christmas Week with ROWAN

December 5-10,2010
Sports. Christmas cookies. Debate. Bible class. Christmas card making. Music. Drama. Annual Christmas celebration. Cake. Balloons. Gifts. This week was full of festive activities that the ROWAN community had never seen before! A volunteer team from Kampala joined Pastor Paul, Kelsey, Christine and ROWAN staff in celebrating Christmas in Mawanga. Two full days were spent with the children exposing them to a variety of new games, stories, dances, and music- all to be presented at the annual Christmas Party that was held on December 9th. Between the speeches made by the beneficiaries about the impact of ROWAN, the Christmas carols from the children, the dancing by the Kampala team, and number of new believers coming to Christ, there was a moment when one could feel the hope in the air. When George (a teacher living with HIV) stood up and declared he had Hope in Christ; when Mary (a widow) stood up and declared she has a family in ROWAN; when a Mariam, a secondary student (orphan) stood up and announced her miracle of going to a good school- there wasn’t a dry eye at the party.  It ended in the best way possible: with ROWAN competing in a football match against the local team. The opponents assumed they would beat ROWAN with their eyes closed, but ROWAN took the lead 2-1 and the village was in shock! What a gift that the children will be sharing about for years to come.
Merry Christmas to everyone in the ROWAN family. Thank you for yet another year of carrying the flag of hope in Mawanga. The best is yet to come.

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