ROWAN Christmas Party 2009

Belated merry Christmas! Hope all went well on your side. I was so much involved in this Christmas party and am happy to give you details. The church was decorated so nicely for the party. We gave out:
The package for the Children to to take home each included the following: (67)
1 pair of bed sheets with pillow cases, Bathing and washing soap, Tooth paste, Tooth brush, Body oil, Balloons, A paper bag
The package for the Widows to take home each included the following. (33)
Kilos of rice, kilos of sugar, and Washing soap
During the party time, we feed both the children and the widows the following
Rice, Meat, Sodas, Ugali (Posho)
We even were able to show Jesus film in Lusoga at the party! It was a good time of sharing together and encouraging these people….Be blessed and Happy New Year!
David Wafula for Pastor Paul”

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